Essay on Black Folks : The Revolutionary Music

Essay on Black Folks : The Revolutionary Music

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Black folks are known for their revolutionary music, bound in hidden messages and talk of liberation. These indigenous people have perfected the use of music as a form of communication. Even the music used in the slave era communicated messages of freedom. The “cargo” being transferred from the homeland to the new world spread spirits of revolt through songs while in transition. This revolutionary communication through music inspired the Negro spirituals that led six million Blacks north to west, from 1916 to 1970 during the Great Migration ( Staff, 2010).
Black America functions as its own “domestically-held internal colony”, utilizing cultural expression and vernacular to create a safe space for its people in America (Ball, 2007). In this colony, music has always been mentally and spiritually inclined to uplift and inform the community. This communication only improved with the development of hip-hop. As the fight for affirmative action seemed futile, and Blacks were desegregated from education and the job market, the necessity for music to salve their souls created a new genre that would manifest an entire culture (Brown, 2010). The sensitivity of the information presented in this genre once again created revolutionaries determined to maneuver a societal shift in power and rebuild the socioeconomic status of this Black colony. In order to curb these revolutionary appetites, white ownership of hip-hop culture occurred, subsequently changing the aims, morals, and ideals of the movement. Instead of being grounded in knowledge requisition and dissemination, the new music would glorify fake successes. Elitists have ensured the devolution of this powerful movement by mass-producing hip-hop through media, detrimentally aff...

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...d deconstruction of the slave mentality that convinces us to unnecessarily consume what does not belong to us. It is imperative that we regain access to this platform by any means. As the reader, you reserve an obligation to the community you serve to attentively manage and represent the proper ideologies this community was born under. As we disseminate information about ownership of the music we consume, we become more equipped to revolutionize this movement. Black America must be prepared to usurp ownership of our culture and decolonize our minds, our music, and our communication. Through this framework, we will be able to achieve a true representation of self in the Black community, while furthering the development of Black wealth. In addition, we must boldly reprimand media’s representation of us and show the Elite who we truly are in our authentic performances.

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