The Black Female Model Of The World Is Still Struggling Over Race Essay

The Black Female Model Of The World Is Still Struggling Over Race Essay

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “racism”? According to the dictionary racism is “the belief that his or her genetically physical characteristics is better than the characteristics of another race”. It 's hard to believe that the world is still struggling over race. But the truth is, racism is everywhere, and is especially common in the fashion industry. Racism exists in the modeling industry, specifically the decisions involved in selecting models for shows. In the past six years, it has become more and more noticeable that there is a lack of diversity in fashion industry, especially on fashion runways. There has been major parts of achievement for black models when it comes to diversity and fashion is one of those parts that has been lacking.
In the history, there were many black women had made their first appearances in modeling and fashion. In 1950s, Helen Williams was the first black female model to break into the fashion mainstream even though she was ignored for being “too dark skinned”. She moved to Paris when she was accepted as the American Beauty and modeled for famous designers such as Christian Dior. Once she returned back in US, things were still the same, the modeling industry had not improved or provided greater opportunities for women of color. In 1970s, Beverly Johnson was the first African American to be on the cover of American Vogue. According to bcnews “Model agents told her she 'd never make it, hairdressers refused to touch her hair and Kodak didn 't even make film that could cope with her skin tone, but somehow 40 years ago Beverly Johnson became the first black woman on the cover of American Vogue.” Naomi Sims in 1970s was the first African American supermodel. She was the great supporter fo...

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...l diversity when preparing casting of models for their company needs. They also requested models of color every season and not be limited to Spring/Summer collections and hesitate when it becomes to Fall/Winter collections. In response, Council of Fashion Designers of America emailed designers of New York Fashion Week encouraging diversity.
Different sources of articles have written about the underlying issue of racism on the runway. Each serves the same purpose and that to inform about the numbers and to persuade the audience that there is a problem in the diversity of supermodels. Racism is an ugly part of our society, and it certainly has no place in the beautiful world of fashion. We all should be open minded to models of color, especially the designers and casting directors because this issue affects how we see things globally and how we are seen as an industry.

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