Essay about Black Female Gang Members And Their Criminal Subculture

Essay about Black Female Gang Members And Their Criminal Subculture

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Female gang members and their criminal subculture is a very interesting issue in the study of the underclass and street-based criminal subcultures, due to the fact that there has been a failure in adequately reporting female gang activity and how they as females contribute to gang activity. Since females also grow up surrounded by the street underclass, there have been cases where they have displayed importance in gangs with their similar upbringing, yet we still do not have a good grasp of all the ways they contribute in the gang criminal subculture (Adler, f, 1975)

To address this issue in the current paper, I reviewed the literature on black female gang members in Philadelphia for this class. I choose that as an in-class reading summary because I thought it would be interesting to see how or if they truly embraced the criminal subculture. For my project in this class, my group decided to research on the Sinaloa Cartel. During this research it came by our screens that a female women had been parading as the next heir or empress of the Sinaloa Cartel. It appeared to be just a way to be famous on social media. The lady that was parading as the empress of the Sinaloa was very fortunate to be involved with the money. However, she was mainly a figure head and did not embrace the criminal subculture.

History of Female Gangs

The idea of female gangs can be traced all the way back to the 1960’s. (Greene, 2009).However the way they performed in the 1960’s is different to the way they are behaving in the present. In the 1960’s they were reduced to male gangs’ helpmates. They were often limited to their duties of sewing gang insignias, running errands, relaying messages, of a girlfriend of a gang member. But like all things there...

... middle of paper ... not being arrested in the same rate as the males. However, there has been an increase of juvenile females being arrested.There has been a 30 to 80 percent increase of juvenile female arrests from 1984 to 1993 depending on the offense(Latinas, 2006).

Consequences and Conclusion

Joining a gang may be just a phase for some females, but for others it is a turning point in their lives that opens a gateway to a life offering very little in regards of being socially accepted and finding legitimate careers. Criminal Justice researchers are divided with the meaning of female gang membership, some describe it as being liberating for them while others say it definitely causes social harm. The true nature of female gang functioning and the way it affects their lives remain a mystery because most researchers feel that they do not have enough impact to further study.

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