Black Equality Versus Police Extrajudicial Killings Essay

Black Equality Versus Police Extrajudicial Killings Essay

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Black Equality versus Police Extrajudicial Killings

An ongoing conflict involving Police extrajudicial killings and African-American equality in the United States continues to exacerbate as a series of deaths of young unarmed Black males at the hands of police were captured on video and propagated throughout the national media, starting in 2014 (Perry 175). Noting that the conflict is an old-age saga, recent videos of mostly young Black men being killed galvanized diversified movements, urging horizontal policing nationwide. In 2015, following the death of Freedie Gray, another unarmed Black youngster, boiling tensions spilled over into violence and America watched aimlessly as the City of Baltimore, Md. erupted in flames and chaos following intensified protests (Vatz 16). More recently, following the seemingly unnecessary killings of two African-American males by Police in separate incidents, protests again erupted across the nation and an Army veteran shot 12 Police officers in Dallas, Texas, killing five in retaliation (Armario).
The rising tensions are driven by perceived inequality in a legal system that leaves Blacks with little recourse or justice following extrajudicial police killings. In a 2014 address to the Congressional Black Caucus, President Obama expressed frustration for what he saw as discrimination and inequality in the law and its failure to prosecute police officers who killed unarmed Black men (Mac Donald 11). Furthermore, previous protests and organized movements seem to produce little, if any, discourse in reducing the structural and direct violence Blacks experienced daily. Consequently, frustration has led to violent outbursts, which, if not contained, has the propensity to escalate into mo...

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...y Police has rejuvenated nationwide protests against law enforcement, citing racism as a primary contributor. Since 2014, various legislative and administrative attempts have been made to remedy the growing conflict, including the issuance of BWCs and the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. While these measures are a step in the right direction, the addition of ICULE, WaT and ComVent will offer Police, community, and elected officials real opportunities to interact with each other prior to officers being assigned to work in Black neighborhoods. These proactive tactics also avail vertical and horizontal communication between community stakeholders. Additionally, cities and townships that exploit Black neighborhoods and Police departments for financial gain must explore other revenue streams to fill the gap in order to end cronyism and structural violence.

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