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“Ring a Ring O' Roses,/ A pocketful of posies,/ Atishoo!  Atishoo!/ We all fall down!” (Historic UK). Would anyone see through this happy melody and say that this song is about one of the deathliest plagues that ever struck mankind, the Black Death? This song describes the main symptom of the Black Death, which is the formation of infected black rings on skin. The Black Death is a disease that first arrived in Europe in 1347 through a ship with rats and fleas contaminated with Yersinia pestis bacteria. This bacteria has the capability of taking one’s life within 48 hours (MedicineNet). In 1340s, the plague victimized countless numbers of people. Fortunately, the plague temporarily subsided during the Renaissance era in 1450s (Dowling, Mike). But in the spring and summer of 1665, the plague revived in London, in the name of the Great Plague (Historic UK). The Great Plague proved disastrous, killing fifteen percent of the English population (Historic UK). When the plague subsided in 1666, a total of thirty million people – 33 percent of the European population - was put to death by the Black Plague (“Historic UK”). Despite the fact that the Black Plague massacred one third of the European population, it had long term positive effects in the development of science, economy and the lifestyle of the people, and philosophy.

During the Middle Age, science was greatly neglected. The Black Plague caused the England to reconsider the importance of science. To start off, England during the Middle Age paid no attention to sanitation to a point where they would just throw out the toilet fluids through the windows and an unfortunate fellow passing nearby would just have to call it a bad day (Callahan, Ken). Although the streets smelled like...

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