Black Death The Bubonic Plague Essay

Black Death The Bubonic Plague Essay

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Black Death the Bubonic Plague
Black Death was a tragic time in England that occurred mainly between the years of 1348 to 1350. At that time there was a new unheard of disease that was affecting and killing millions of people. Many were scared of “The Black Death” and didn’t know what to do to prevent it so they would turn to prayer, sadly many of those prayers weren’t answered.
The first known cases of Black Death were in China during the early 1300’s, due to the massive trade lines it quickly spread to Europe as well as Asia. The Black Death earned its name after trade ships returned from a trip across the Black Seas to Italy, the technical name for Black Death is Bubonic Plague. This disease causes a swelling of the lymph glands which are known as the buboes and also causes reddish spots on the skin that will eventually turn black. Many people believe that the disease originated with fleas, this was felt to be true due to the heavy transporting of goods overseas at the time and the many different travelers that were traveling those routes. Recent studies have made claims that fleas could not have been the cause of the Black Death that it had to be more of an airborne virus that affected the lungs of people with weaker immune systems.
The virus was discovered in the 19th century by a French Biologist named Alexandre Yersin, at this time Black Death was called Yersinia Pestis and more commonly called the Plague. Due to the poor health standards at the time the disease was very difficult to prevent, which is what lead to millions of deaths. At the time many believed the disease was God punishing them for their sins, the scare was so intense that doctors and priests would refuse to see people to try to avoid being exposed...

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...ur chances of ever having an outbreak like this take place again. As a society we do the simple day to day things like washing our hands, covering our mouths when we cough, staying home when a person is sick. Medically speaking we are worlds ahead of where we were then, the invention if immunizations has helped keep us a healthy society. These should also serve as a reminder that as our bodies continue to grow and change so don’t the things around us. We should always remember that as things develop naturally in the environment there also may be someone trying to develop something un natural that can be used for harmful purposes. This is why many departments and agencies are always trying to develop first the newer bigger badder disease that way we can also find a way to stop it. Most of the time if you know how something is made you also know how you can prevent it.

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