The Black Death Pandemic Essay

The Black Death Pandemic Essay

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The Black Death:
A Murderous Pandemic that Led Life to How it is Today

The Black Death, a horrible pandemic plague that spread through all of Europe, taking 25,000,000 people along with it. In 1347, a mysterious pandemic appeared in the city-states of Italy just as Europe was recovering from famine. The Epidemic did not end until 1351 partly due to the belief of the people that this plague was spread through the air and was gods way of punishing them for their sins. Although this plague killed many people, its effects led life to the way it is today. The three most important effects of the Black Death on Western Europe were the changing relationships between people and the church, the People beginning to express their faith and opinions through artwork, and the fact that Jews were blamed for the outbreak of the disease and were targeted by Europeans.

This pandemic first appeared in the city-states of Italy and spread across Europe culminating in the deaths of 25,000,000 people. It is now known that the plague originated in China and inner Asia and that one of the reasons it was so devastating was because of the famine that Europe had just started to recover from.It is also now known that the Black Death was the result of the bacteria yerinia pestis, a bacteria that can cause swelling of the lymph glands in the armpits, the groin, and the neck of people infected with the virus. No particular social class station faith or age group escaped the ravages and people became hungry for answers from the Church. This plague was so devastating Europe’s population did not reach its pre-1347 level until the 16th century.

One of the most important effects of the Black Death on Western Europe was the changing relationship between the peo...

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...This is why the expression of faith and beliefs in artwork is one of the most important effects of the Black Death on Western Europe.

The Black death was one of the most devastating plagues that the world has ever seen but it led to how life is today. Jews were blamed for outbreak of pandemic, there were new styles of presentation in art, and there were also changing relationship between people and Catholic Church.The three important effects of the Black Death on Western Europe were the changing relationships between people and the church, People began to express their faith and opinions through artwork, and that Jews were blamed for the outbreak of the disease and were targeted by Europeans.Although the Black Death took millions of lives, it was a very important event in some cases and led life to how it is today and without out it we wouldn’t be what we are now.

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