Essay about The Black Death Of The Desert Of Mongolia

Essay about The Black Death Of The Desert Of Mongolia

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The Black Death originated in Gobi Desert of Mongolia in the 1320s. The cause of this Black Death is not fully known. From the desert, it spread out in all directions. Of most importance was the spread eastward to China. China suffered an emergence of bubonic plague during the early 1330s. During the increase of trade during the Early and High Middle ages, trade routes with China were strengthened and many explorers traveled this trade route. European traders, especially the traders from Italian city states, traveled the Black Sea region regularly. Surviving documents show that one group of traders from Genoa arrived in Sicily In October of 1347, after a voyage from China. This was most likely the introduction of the plague to European lands. Along with the Chinese goods on board, the traders carried the bacterium “yersinia pestis” in the rats on board as well as in some of the sailors themselves. The Black Death had arrived in Europe.
The Black Death was an epidemic of bubonic plague, a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that passed among wild rodents where they live in immense numbers and density. This area where these wild rodents passed the sickness among themselves is called a ‘plague focus’ or a ‘plague reservoir’. Plague among humans arises when rodents in human habitation, normally black rats, become infected. The black rat, which is also “the house rat” and the “ship rat”, likes to live close to people, this is what makes black rats very dangerous dangerous (in contrast, the brown or grey rat prefers to keep its distance in sewers and cellars). Usually, it takes ten to fourteen days before plague has killed off most of a contaminated rat colony, making it difficult for big numbers of fleas gathered on the rem...

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...ere many incidences of healthy Italian travelers and traders being exiled from villages or even killed out of fear of the plague spreading outside Italy. These measures proved inconsequential, and the plague spread farther and farther north. Wherever trade routes existed, normally the Black Death would follow, roaring out from Italy. The Plague reached France shortly after Italy. Marseilles felt the effects in January of 1348 and Paris was infected in summer of the same year. England felt the effects in September of 1348. 1348 Europe suffered the most. By the end of 1348, Germany, France, England, Italy all felt the plague. Norway was infected in 1349, and Eastern European countries began to fall victim during the early 1350s. Russia felt the effects later in 1351. By the end of this circular path around Europe, one third of all people in the infected areas had died.

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