The Black Death And It 's Effects Essay examples

The Black Death And It 's Effects Essay examples

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Professori Mark Borcija
History 1111
Rezvan Ngalla
December 10, 2015
The Decameron: The Black Death and it 's Effects
The Decameron was a collection tales written by Boccaccio. It was one of the best records of the
black death. The black death was one of the worst plagues ever recorded in the history of plagues. The
Decameron is a combination of Greek words for "Ten" and "Day". According to Frankforter, the
Decameron is a "fictional record of the stories that ten Florentine men and women told to entertain
themselves while they were hiding from the plague, the black death, that caused a lot of distress.
(Frankforter, pg. 348). The fundamental theme of Boccaccio 's narrative was the struggle between life
and death as the plague spread rapidly throughout Europe. The Decameron has emerged as an
important historical document and provides a significant philosophical insight as Europe face the
unprecedented epidermic of the 1348 black plague. I shall discuss in the following paragraphs the
physical, psychological and social effects of the black plague on the people of Europe.
1) Physical effects
The plague had devastating effects on the economy and consequently on the people. The
production of goods and foods decreased drastically and this ultimately led to starvation as people were
unable to farm their lands because they were sick. This plague did not attack only the humans but also
the animals and cattle as well. The disease was so contagious that touching even an object that had
been previously touched by an infected person, will transmit the disease to the healthy person who
touched the object. Some symptoms of the plague was swelling of the armpits and groin. As described
by Boccaccio, "some of which were as large as apples, and so...

... middle of paper ...

...tely after the Black Death were still too overwhelming for the surviving
In conclusion, the social, economic, and psychological consequences of the Black Death
were devastating and widespread for the European society during the Late Middle Ages. For
instance, social mobility was rampant, the economy was crumbling especially for the lower and
middle classes, and the psychological instabilities resulted with mass depression, shock, and
panic. Through the eyes and documentation of Boccaccio, we have an insight to the despair the
Europeans had during the times of the black death. If something like this were to happen in our present
world, I would only hope that with the advent of technology, scientists would be able to find a cure. But
overall, this was a really harsh experience and thanks to Boccaccio, we can actually have an idea and
picture what happened.

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