Essay on The Black Community : Hair And Other Types Bad Hair

Essay on The Black Community : Hair And Other Types Bad Hair

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Why is it that the Black community consider hair that closely resembles that of a white person’s hair or a white person’s hair as good hair and other types bad hair?
Where did the ideology come from that if one’s hair is soft with looser curls that it is “good hair” in the Black community. People were made different and imperfect. That is why we all don’t have the same texture of hair and types. So what if we all don’t have the same hair, it’s perfectly normal. It’s what makes that individual different from someone else. The saying you have “good hair” is quite disrespectful actually. Why? Well to those who don’t have that soft hair with loose curls your implying that their hair texture is bad. This all on a whole is thinking of each other as lesser being in the black community compare to others. As many may be wondering where this saying may come from. What does this have to do with being consider lesser? How did it even come in the picture?
Black hair is completely unique to individuals of African Descent. Yes, black hair is harder to manage due to its complex structure and the constant need for moisture. The reason that our hair is harder to manage is specifically because of our deep curl pattern and this makes us pretty different as a whole. We weren’t made to fit in like everyone else whose hair false loosely down their back, were made with all natural hair with deep curls which is beautiful just the way it is.
When searched in the urban dictionary what exactly good hair means it comes up as a popular term in the African American community. It is apparently being used to describe a black person’s hair that closely resembles the hair of a typical white person. Which basically is saying that the closer one’s hair to a white pe...

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...mpus because it’s what makes us as a race unique from other races.
Recently over the past few years the natural hair movement between African American women have been becoming more commonly used. More and more women are often switching back from their permed and relaxed hair back to their naturally kinky hair with tight curls. These women are embracing their hair and how happy they are with proving to the rest of the world that all hair types are good hair. Good hair and bad hair came from a time where it was all about survival and not about beauty. At this time having what they considered to be “good hair” was just a way to make a better living for themselves. Now a day’s good hair and bad hair pertains to beauty and not survival the role surely switched up. It’s as simple as taking care of your hair properly which makes it good hair and not the actual texture.

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