Essay on The Black Codes And The Civil War

Essay on The Black Codes And The Civil War

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After the civil war, newly freed slaves faced many challenges. Whites, especially in the south, regarded blacks as inferior more than ever before. The black codes were just one obstacle the freed slaves had to overcome. They were laws that were passed in the southern states that had the intent and the effect of restricting African Americans freedom. These laws made it possible for the south to regain control over the black population in much of the same ways they had before. The black codes effected reconstruction, and even today’s society in many ways.

These codes restricted newly freed black people from doing things that ranged from making or selling liquor, and coming into a state without posting bond for good behavior. Their punishments were also harsher than a white man’s punishment. They received the death penalty for things like arson, burglary, and assault, and were whipped if they committed a lesser crime. Blacks also soon lost the right to vote with the black codes. In Some states, blacks were only allowed to rent land only within the city limits and only within certain parts of the city. These laws held African Americans back from owning land and making a profit the same way wealthy white people had done. Other southern states passed similar laws to keep their control over the newly freed African Americans from becoming too powerful.
Many of the southern states also passed laws that restricted how and when black people could travel through public places. Blacks were also not allowed to carry weapons, not even in the security of their own homes. In Texas, black people were also not able to attend public schools, hold office, and serve in the militia. These laws not only restricted the free lifestyle for these men an...

... middle of paper ... enforced for decades after they were made illegal. Some people might not be as racist and have a different mindset then they do now. The segregation that the black codes caused causes people to be more sensitive towards racial inequality because of the segregation the black codes caused. Like how people were getting pissed that the Emmys didn’t have enough black people being nominated. We would be much closer as a community without the lingering ideas and mindset that the black codes have put into us. We would be much closer without segregation and inequality.

The black codes made it hard for the black population to move up in the world. They restricted freed African Americans rights in the South. These codes continued legal discrimination between the blacks and whites, and they were set in place to reaffirm the inferior positions the blacks had previously held.

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