The Black Codes And Jim Crow Laws Essay

The Black Codes And Jim Crow Laws Essay

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usually the one in charge, but it turned out that your owner actually was. The father couldn’t do anything and was helpless to provide or protect his family. There were many instances that an African American’s wife would be subjected to rape because the owner wanted to. The husbands couldn’t do anything but look away. It was so bad that many mothers would kill their own children to protect them from a horrible future. Luckily, slavery ended after the Civil War, but what does that mean? Afterwards, there was no difference because of sharecropping. When they finally got the chances to pursue their dreams thanks to the 13th-15th Amendments. Unluckily, the African Americans faced another hardship as they faced the Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws. The Black Codes were an attempt to reverse the clock to the days of slavery while the Jim Crow Laws were to legalize segregation. It was difficult to get out of slavery, but to stop segregation and racial discrimination was another thing. People were being lynched at such high numbers because of the fear of economic competition and attempting to ...

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