The Black and White of Science and Religion Essay

The Black and White of Science and Religion Essay

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Astley, J; & Francis, L. (2010) British Journal of Religious Education, Promoting positive
attitudes towards science and religion among sixth-form pupils: dealing with
scientism and creationism. Vol. 32 Issue 3.
The Routledge group writes a very compelling argument dealing with the attitudes towards science and religion. The authors have survey results from their research and supply the basic data learned. The paper data talks about the consistency of each institution and really points towards how group and subcultures can either be positive or negative based on how its presented.

Cho, F; & Squier, R. (2008). Journal of the American Academy of Religion, "He Blinded Me
With Science": Science Chauvinism in the Study of ReligionVol. 76 Issue 2.
The glaring word of chauvinism is brought up in this article of science and religion. The author brings in the disparity of that institution flex their muscle on their views. The article goes through the heaviness of history with this mindset and the problem of think through the constructions of theories with the stubbornness of one way is the only way. The article also goes through the illusions of naturalist and the tension of reductionism.

Dias, P. (2010). Academic Journal Science & Christian Belief, Is Science Very Different from
Religion? A Polanyian Perspective. Vol. 22 Issue 1.
The polanyian perspective is it reveals an aspect of reality, a reality largely hidden to us, and existing therefore independently of our knowing it. The author is demonstrating that science is not that much different that religion and that both have a faith type base. He explains that both sciences and religion have a dogmatic set of core commitments that ...

... middle of paper ...

.... (2010). Academic Journal Method & Theory in the Study of Religion, No Field Is an
Island: Fostering Collaboration between the Academic Study of Religion and the Sciences.
Vol. 22 Issue 2/3

Tirosh-Samuelson, H. (2010). Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science, Zygon and the Future of
Religion and-Science. Vol. 45 Issue 2.

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Theory of Religion in the Cognitive Science of Religion. Vol. 8 Issue 2.

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Joseph Rouse for Best Practices in Science and Religion. Vol. 45 Issue 3.

Zeller, B. (2011). Academic Journal Church History, American Postwar “Big Religion”:
Reconceptualizing Twentieth-Century American Religion Using Big Science as a
Model. Vol. 80 Issue 2.

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