The Black And White Conversation Essay

The Black And White Conversation Essay

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Assimilation is the process by which a person or a group 's language and/or culture come to resemble those of another group. Rodriguez says that he is not for assimilation any more that he is in favor for it, that assimilation is a natural occurrence that just happens. But he does position himself more towards supporting assimilation in American. He clearly believes in integration of minorities to American society in every way possible cultural and linguistically. Anglo Americans have a conflicted and confused view of assimilation, tending to ignore and at times build hate for people much different than them.
Americans have often resisted assimilation, especially if it meant race mixing or cultural blending. Rodriguez says that “The American conversation about race has always been a black and white conversation, but the conversation has become as bloodless as badminton” (88). America has often ignore other races of people and only tends to talk about the different between black and white America. Therefor only acknowledging a small group of minorities in American. This conversation has kept repeating without new dialogue becoming repetitive and leading nowhere. This is a way things are being done in America to resist true and full integration of the minority’s to the masses.
However, in spite of this resistance to assimilation, Rodriguez believes that Americans actually prefer a Canadian model or definition of assimilation which focuses on diversity. Rodriguez says “America has so readily adopted the Canadian notion of multiculturalism because it preserves our preference for thinking ourselves separate ( ). Meaning that even though we try to seem as a diverse country and welcoming, we have this code of not mixing with other cu...

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...ions of people leaving in the U.S. The dream act will bring people together crating a true nation of opportunity. Also, this legislation will give a path to citizenship opening doors that had never been there, creating a new generation and driven hard working Americans. According to O’Conner:
Many supports believe the legislation would be a good deal for taxpayers. If these people achieve legal residency status and higher education they will make more money, pay more taxes and receive fewer social services, according to the Human Rights Coalition. (98)
As the quote states above there is nothing to lose with this legislation passing. There could only be positive benefits from it. Bringing America to a whole new playing field full of new people that have the desire to work hard and achieve greatness, translating to a more prosperous country, economically and socially.

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