Essay about The Black And Progressive Era Of American History

Essay about The Black And Progressive Era Of American History

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In this world there is no perfect human being. In the past society utilize practices such as segregation for a thought that one type of human being was better than the other. In addition women did not had the right to vote. Society’s way of treating women in the 1980’s, women should not consider them themselves equal towards men because so what is claim, men are stronger and intelligent than women. While some grassroots movements had some noble intentions, some did not. For instead, the robber barons treated their workers beneath them for their skills not for their humanity of working to support a family as a result of this, the labor workers formed a group that fought against the inequality. The First Amendment became a tool for a grassroots movement to fight the injustice system. During the gilded and progressive era of American history the victims of the inequality utilize to put an end to the unfair treatment. Highlighted famous activists that change the way society looks at The United States of America Constitution. I agree with Dr. Martin Luther King statement that when face with inequality Americans can fight for their rights by using the First Amendment through organized and mobilized motivated citizens. The Labor Movement, Suffrage Movement and Civil Rights Movement were successful in their endeavours in creating equality for American citizens.
American citizens have utilized unions to fight against economic injustice. For instance, at the Homestead Steel Works plant owners Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick introduced a new technology, which meant that fewer workers were needed to operate the plant. Additionally, there was no need for skills workers, reducing the number of workers and delaying workers’ pay to increas...

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...of inequality movements such as LGBT Movement, Black Lives Matter etc... The motivated citizen felt the need to speak up about the segregation in the country to address a solution for the problem. Following the grassroots activist since 1877, these citizen performed a productive inequality movement by using the First Amendment against society’s way of a perfect community and injustice systems. Dr. King was right, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” which Dr. King often said. There is no perfect human being in society although it seems flawless in the community but to the citizens it is not. Everyone is different with different culture views or appearance. A society that would not amend to these aberration is a damage nation. The Labor Movement, Suffrage Movement and Civil Rights Movement are grassroots movements for future movements.

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