The Black And Black Youth Essay

The Black And Black Youth Essay

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Focusing on the Black youth in urban areas, suicide has become the 3rd leading cause of death for young Black males ages 15-24. Although it is the 16th leading cause of death for Black people of all ages, the fact that this issue is increasing with the Black youth, which is larger than the older Black population highlights the huge impact it has, and that it matters/can no longer be pushed to the sidelines by outsiders and members of the Black community. Lester mentions various studies and notes that “Swanson and Breed (1976) compared black and white male suicides in New Orleans in 1954-1963 and found that the black suicides were younger, more often semi-skilled or unskilled workers, less educated, less often downwardly mobile, more often single or in common-law marriages, attended church more often, were more socially active, were more worried about debts, more often had alcohol problems and less often threatened suicide prior to their death” (117). These factors still affect Black people with suicidal thoughts today. Thus as Black people are going through life dealing with depression/suicidal behavior, differently from other groups of people, looking into their issues requires a unique lens. DeLoach and Petersen state that “the subjectivity of trauma experiences is primarily studied via quantitative methods that often raise challenges in capturing the totality of the effects of complex trauma on individuals. Most of the trauma experienced by Africans throughout the Diaspora such as those previously mentioned are not discrete events generally discussed within the trauma literature on which the PTSD diagnosis is based. These experiences are better described as complex trauma which refers to a ‘type of trauma that occurs repeatedly...

... middle of paper ... 214). Lastly, Lester notes that “Gibbs (1) suggested setting up comprehensive clinics in inner-city schools to provide physical and mental health resources. These have to be meaningful services, and a great deal needs to be done to improve police-community relations in inner cities” (214).
In all, not having a support system of any kind and people within your community, dismiss and belittle issues that are a part of your identity is disheartening. Having a safe-haven to discuss your sadness/anger (any emotion) is very important. Therapy in the Black community is needed, using a lens that takes everything Black people have been through/are going through in the right context is needed, education about mental illnesses is essential to healing and unity is needed, so that a communal approach can be taken to healing Black people dealing with various forms of trauma.

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