Essay about The Black American And Caribbean Family

Essay about The Black American And Caribbean Family

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For centuries to come the notion may persist that men of African descent and in particular, the fathers are nonexistent within the Afro American/Caribbean family. It is believed that men of African descent are not present in the children’s lives. For some of us this may be our reality, but slightly skewed to paint a negative image of the men in these communities. However, for us to understand why this has infiltrated our culture and way of thinking, we must examine the creators of this culture and way of thinking.
In 1712, a well-known slave owner by the name of Willie Lynch set forth a full proof method of conquering the rise of the Afro American/Caribbean race. A part of his doctrine was targeted towards the “Negro Marriage.” It states, “We breed two nigger males with two nigger females. Then, we take the nigger male away from them and keep them moving and working. Say one nigger female bears a nigger female and the other bears a nigger male; both nigger females—being without influence of the nigger male image, frozen with an independent psychology—will raise their offspring into reverse positions” (the Final call). This method of division was and still is powerful today. Partly because without slave masters the men exhibit this type of behavior still with having multiple babies with multiple women at the same time. Also, because even though some fathers are present they are still treated as though they are not fully present in their children’s lives. These learned behaviors and way of thinking has genetically reshaped the way we look at fathers in Afro American/Caribbean societies. Not to mention, the high percentage of men of African descent incarcerated today due to laws used to target this group of men which still is relevan...

... middle of paper ... all this systematic targeting by the prison industrial complex many have still been able to rise above all the negative labels. America perpetuating the absence of black fathers is just another negative stereotype, but there are a lot more situational battles black men had to and still have to face and overcome today.
I strongly believe that fathers within the Afro American/Caribbean should be celebrated and sometimes looked at as an example. This should not be a private celebration, but a public one. No community structure is ever perfect, but it’s very unfair to attack a specific group relentlessly when it’s based on faulty or skewed statistics. Fathers in Afro American/Caribbean communities have managed to thrive despite the negative publicity and the racial attacks by slave owners to destabilize their positions within the Afro American/Caribbean communities.

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