Black African Americans : The Image Of Black Males Essays

Black African Americans : The Image Of Black Males Essays

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To illustrate why Black African American Males don’t get the image they deserve is because there’s not enough Black African Males that have been successful over the years. There’s not enough credit, motivation, Inspiration, or initiative taken into affect from the world’s perspective and how they view things. I have a plan to get the rights, picture, and statement for what I will do personally to improve the image of Black Males in America. Facts have been proven that motivation is the key to how people succeed no matter what race you are or where you were originated from. My plan is to get leadership conferences and workshops for Black males to attend so that it will increase the chances of the Image being better.I believe there is a plan that can be formed to make the image of better of Black Males.

Not to mention, Black Males came from slavery, It transitions to how slavery had a huge impact on the way our image was set up. I’ve always had a passion to get the world to realize that we are more capable of doing the impossible and making it possible. Unfortunately, Since there’s not enough Black Males to take initiative on leading others to do better, I will make that difference. Putting Black Males into workshops and working with other organizations to get a successful outcome will help massively. Being that, when I get males into these workshops, It will increase the presence and intelligence of how smart Black Males actually are. Something I will do to get them to come to the workshops is bring things like: Games, Food, Educational Tournaments for money, and scholarship opportunities to go to college. Something that made me come across “Workshops” was because I have the knowledge of how they work and how well it will help...

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...s. With taking risks, you have to optimistic and know what change is before it can actually be put into works of something new. Not taking into things that is beyond their control, and working into something that they can build up to. Black Males have to find ways to maintain focus in getting to their goals, taking bumpy excessive routes, rough roads, and emotional moments to get to the end of the tunnel. Sacrifice is key, Sacrifice is passion, Sacrifice is change, and Sacrifice bring the better

At any rate, or wherever the side can go, At the end, my plan will work because I am a determined, Inspired, Motivated, Individual that has strong beliefs in my dreams. Black males will follow this and use this as guidance to get thru struggles, overcome the impossible and make possible, and take risks. By the end, Black males should have created a better image of themselves.

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