Essay on Biz Is A Free Software Enterprise Resource Planning

Essay on Biz Is A Free Software Enterprise Resource Planning

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2.7 Apache OFBiz
The OFBiz is a free software enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides a continuity of enterprise applications that integrate and computerized many of business processes of enterprises. It is a software under Apache Foundation at top level project with a framework which provides a data model in common and a rich set of business process [33]. The OFBiz project is a collection of many of directories and files, organized well to allow for easing download, the start-up, the customization, and enterprise deployment. All applications are built around a common architecture using data, logic and process components in common. Beyond the work structure itself[2, 11, 17] [19].Apache OFBIZ offers functionality as including:
 Agreements with accounts, Invoicing, General Legder,Vendor Management,
 Asset Maintenance
 Catalogue and Product Management
 Facility and store management
 Manufacturing
 Order Processing
 Inventory Management, computerized stock replenishment.
 Content management system
 Human Resource
 People and Group Management
 Project Management
 People and sales management
 Work Effort Management
 Electronic point of sale
 Electronic commerce
 Scrum software development support
OFBiz is a well structured set of "objects" that may, at the user 's discretion, be mixed, harmonized, restructured, and improved with new artifacts to arrive at just about any business solution imaginable [1]. As open source software project that includes:
• Its own database schema and seed data already loaded and ready to run.
• An event-driven Service engine that enables code to be used across the entire instance. Services may be written in Java language or any other supported language, like Groovy,...

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... is that we get constant feedback from those who use the software. We have received countless bug fixes, improvement suggestions, and best example business advice from users and ability of users of OFBiz. Many of the greatest characteristics in the project were pushed by some comment and suggestion sent to the mailing lists associated with the project. It takes to the future for flexible communication with other systems that are constructed on the same common architecture or standards, both inside your business and in partner or other organizations. The applications and its components that come with the system provide us with a broad and flexible basis that can be used as is with the best examples basic designs, or customization according to what special you need. The applications facilitate the management of everything from many parties and products to accounting.

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