The Bitter and Unstable Relations between The People's Republic of China and Taiwan

The Bitter and Unstable Relations between The People's Republic of China and Taiwan

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Cross-Strait Relations
The Cross-Strait relations refer to the bitter and unstable relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China. The term comes from the relationship that both China and Taiwan has had, physically across the Taiwanese Strait. The relationship between the countries has been filled with war, tension, and little contact. In the earliest of Taiwanese history, both nations fought to seek diplomatic control as the legitimate form of Chinese government (Lee). In recent years, Taiwan has sought out to seek independence and separate from all ties with the Chinese mainland. China has continued its claim on Taiwan and its people, threatening military action against any act of independence. While the tensions are high between the two nations, each country has seen the benefits to maintaining an economic relationships with each other (Mack). From 2008 and on, the "three links" of transportation, commerce, and communication have been at the forefront of the diplomatic relationship. Taiwan has gone through multiple phases of conflict throughout its history.
As early as the Chinese dynasties, Taiwan had no formal ties with mainland China. As the 16th and 17th century progressed, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch explorers began to settle the land (Zhang). Each foreign power sought fit to claim its resources and strategic position in the China Sea. The Spanish,
invaded Taiwan in 1626 and, with the help of the Ketagalan (one of the plains tribes), discovered sulfur, a main ingredient in gunpowder, in Yangmingshan, a mountain range that overlooks Taipei. After the Spanish and Dutch were forced out of Taiwan, Mainland Chinese returned in 1697 to mine sulfur. (Mack)
Foreign powers would continue to inha...

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