Essay about Bismarck's Alliance

Essay about Bismarck's Alliance

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For many of the great European powers, war proposed the incentive for achieving various desired rewards; for Germany, the war posed many new economical advantages and the restoration of overall European balance, which was vigorously changing due to the weakening of the Triple Alliance and the tightening of the Triple Entante, for Serbia, the achievement of nationalistic unity for all Serbians, while for Austria it posed elimination of nationalistic tendencies that threatened Austria’s overall revival as a great power. For Russia, the war presented opportunity to fully control Constantinople and the straits; for France, the recovery of Alsace-Lorrain; and for England, the destruction of the opposing German naval armies as well as the Prussian military . Yet, while all of these advantages were incredibly strived for by all of the powers, there is no proof that one country or specific person deliberately struck up war with the sole purpose of achieving those advancements. After war had begun, there were surprisingly various expressions of enthusiasm among each great power. While Serbia, Austria, Russia, and Germany all had a considerable interest in the war, there was noticeably less in France, with little to none in England. But, this does not mean that the citizens of these countries wanted war or showed a decisive influence to further the desire for war. Nevertheless, war did inevitably break out because in each country leaders performed certain actions (or failed to, for that matter), which caused a domino affect of conflicts that led to mobilization and battle. One must abandon the theory (which was largely influenced by massive misconceptions) that the deterioration of Bismarck’s Alliance system was the cause of WWI, because n...

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... greater source of damage to the peace of Europe
Although one can not discount that the system of Alliances divided Europe into two antagonistic groups, (which were then accentuated by an increase of armament, economic rivalry, and propagandist newspaper incitement ), had each of the country’s intervened (or not intervened for that matter), it is most likely that these conflicts would not have led to war. It is undeniable that World War I was extremely large and widespread throughout many nations, and if that is the case, then the blame cannot be placed solely on Bismarck’s system of Alliances. Therefore, it was the fault of each country, and the blame must be shared between Austria, Russia, France, Germany, and England; each taking the blame for the obvious mistakes they made leading up to the war, and during the ongoing, strenuous battles.

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