Essay about The Birth Of Prenatal Care

Essay about The Birth Of Prenatal Care

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Pregnancies in the past until the late eighties, early nineties were simple for the most part; women simply avoided factors they thought might harm the baby. They might have seen a midwife a couple of times and when the time came, POP!, a baby was born. Most of the time the baby and mother were both fine, but way more often than now, either the mother and, or the baby died. A lot of progress has been made in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in regards to prenatal care. Prenatal care has become a priority for mothers and for health care providers. Now there are steps taken during a woman’s pregnancy that help maintain a healthy pregnancy and increase the chances of a healthy baby. Prenatal care includes regular doctor appointments, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding certain drugs and chemicals, and increasing the intake of certain vitamins and minerals. Several ways to decrease the chances of birth defects and prematurity in babies have been discovered. Even the actual birth process has changed and become more complicated than it used to be. Certain prenatal care measures should be taken by expecting mothers to prevent premature birth and abnormalities in their newborns.
A number of important steps should be taken by women who are planning to become pregnant. One of first steps is to stop all birth-control means. On average it takes several months for women taking birth control pills to become pregnant after stopping the medication. Condoms and diaphragm use can be continued until the day you start trying to become pregnant. The next and very important step is to schedule a preconception doctor 's visit for mother and partner. At this check-up, prior medical history should be discussed (i.e. high blood p...

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...h weight, and how their heart, lungs, and brain work. They can also cause serious birth defects, learning, emotional, and other physical problems both before and after it is born. Preterm labor, premature birth, miscarriage, and stillbirth are can also be caused by use of illegal drugs (Alcohol).
It is very important in the world today to obtain proper prenatal care to increase odds of having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Planning ahead for pregnancy, regular doctor visits, good nutrition including vitamins, and regular exercise will increase chances of having a healthy baby. Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are also extremely important during pregnancy. Drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and even some over the counter drugs are harmful to any pregnancy. These cause a dramatic increase in the risk of some birth defects and low birth weight in babies.

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