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For the past couple of centuries the idea of air transportation has grown by leaps and bounds. Around 1783 an inventor by the name of De Rozier came up with the idea of creating a balloon that could possibly carry people. His invention became popular and was made successful two months later by the Montgolfiers. The idea that people could travel by air was so inventive that other people began capitalizing on the movement. The next hundred years proved to be an evolution in air transportation with the creation of blimps, zeppelins, jet packs, helicopters, and finally airplanes. On December 17, 1903 the Wright brothers completed their dream by braking records through feet and time with each successful test flight. The Journal of Aircrafts noted that the Wrights discovery was “one of the most critical components of heavier-than-air, powered flight, that is, three-axis control . . . . Their greatest challenge occurred in designing and developing the propulsion system which included an engine and transmission, and the invention of an efficient propeller” (Carroll & Carroll, 2005 n.p.). Approximately eleven years later this invention lead to military manufacturing for WW1 and five years after that the postal air mail service. Our textbook indicated “the potential for growth of the airmail industry in particular, and in aviation activity in general, resulted in the need to have aviation managed, controlled, and regulated as a comprehensive system so that its potential for widespread growth would be met” (Wells & Young, 2011 p.57). Throughout the next fifty to sixty years the airline airlines jumped through many hoops that consisted of consumer fears, competition, regulation and deregulation. The government began developing programs such ...

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...oven record of lessened incidents within the aviation industry since their development.

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