Essay on Birth Defects and the Millennum Development Goals

Essay on Birth Defects and the Millennum Development Goals

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Birth defects is a critical issue and this is reflected through the intersectionality of birth defects and several of the Millennium Development goals. Birth defects is related to goals 4,5 and 6 which are infant mortality, improving maternal health and environmental health. All of these goals are interrelated of preventing and improving birth outcomes. The web of connections birth defects has with the millennium development emphasize the importance of handling this issue.
Birth defects affects different nations across different severities. To understand the causes of birth defects its important to compare the extremes in order to better the health of these children and mothers and how to prevent birth defects. So the comparing the US and Iraq is viable. The reason why US and Iraq are drawn in comparison is the similarities and the differences between the US and Iraq in terms of birth defects. According to the CDC, 3% of births in the US involved birth defects. However, Iraq has a stark contrast to the US. Iraq has a large amount of birth defects. The city of Fallujah starkly contrast with the US number of defects. In Fallujah, about 15% of the childbirth result in birth defects.
According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), birth defects is defined as “Structural changes in one or more parts of the body. They can have a serious, adverse effect on health, development, or functional ability”. The CDC explains birth defects as abnormalities in parts of a baby’s body and these abnormalities have long term health consequences for these children and the health care structures they live in. There are a variety of different kinds of birth defects with different severities. For example low birth weight is one kind of birth defect, ...

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...e U.S is mandatory folic acid fortification in traditional food staples in Iraq.
In conclusion, the US and Iraq have birth defects prevalent in their population. However, the have birth defects for different reasons. In the US there is the exposure to toxins like tetragens while in contrast war torn Iraq has several different contaminants such as white phosophus, lead, mercury. From this comparison of the two contries concludes that the environment is a major contributing factor to birth defects. So it is important to take care of the environment because environment and women’s health are interelated. This compariosn of the two nations triggers the ethical implication of war on future generations of children in Iraq. Also in US, low SES affects health in several different manners. Good health for mothers and children should be a right and not privilege.

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