Essay about Birth Customs and Traditions

Essay about Birth Customs and Traditions

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Birth Customs and Traditions
What are the variations in the birth process throughout the world?
Throughout the world, giving birth appears to be greatly identical parallel to any other places. Different countries believe their approach to be the best and only method to see a child to a natural delivery. Nevertheless, one can choose from many deviations to the birthing process that may best fit their ideal delivery of the child. Choices will subject to culture diversity, economy, beliefs, and technology developments. In this world today we find that all if not most birthing methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The motivations behind delivery choices will be discussed in further in details
In Africa, home birth is the custom; 58% nationally and 85% in some rural regions have babies outside a medical facility. However, when they choose to give birth in a hospital or medical facility, they have to get for most one prenatal check-up in order to receive a voucher for admission to the hospital. Home birth is still the norm; over 59% of mothers give birth outside the hospital it is referred to as “ Lutalo Lwabakyala”, or women’s battle. Pain is anticipated as a natural part of the process; but women are expected to excel, in order to win the battle. The Uganda community believes that a C-section is viewed as a failure. Many places in Asia pregnant women have babies naturally or by C-section in the hospital, with the exception of the poorest and most rural women who chooses home birth because of their lack of finances. The wealthiest of urban Chinese women give birth in luxurious private hospitals, which have a C-section rate as high as 90% accurate. However, middle class pregnant women tend to give birth at st...

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...plex situations to medical staff, to act as the woman's advocate, to increase choice for women and promote normality and ensure quality care to the mother so she could have control over her water birth experience
Psychological, biological advantages and disadvantages?
Psychological it reduces stress, worries, headaches, it allows the mother to move freely, and it also ease the mother thoughts without any anxiety.
Biological advantages better blood circulation more energy comfortable, get control over delivery process.
However, the non-beneficial part of this process would be that some studies discover not much but very serious problems that could happen during this process such as brain damage from lack of oxygen under the water, infections from contaminated water, electrolyte issue from baby swallowing water

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