Birth Control Is An Affordable Basic Preventive Health Care Measure Essay

Birth Control Is An Affordable Basic Preventive Health Care Measure Essay

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Birth control is an affordable basic preventive health care measure that is critical to achieving

equality and economic justice for women and their families. Different types of birth control

methods have large differences in effectiveness, actions required of users, and side effects for

both men and women.(“Birth Control Access”). Birth control is made affordable and helps get

justice for women and their. This shows that birth control is helpful towards preventing

pregnancies. “There are 62 million U.S women on their childbearing years (15­44). About 43

million of them (70%) are at risk of unintended pregnancy that is, they are sexually active and

do not want to become pregnant, but could become pregnant if they and their partner fail to use

a contraceptive method correctly and consistently”(Guttmacher). The information above

concludes that without birth control the number of unintended pregnancies will increase.

Therefor the result in using birth control is to prevent unintended pregnancies. Access to birth

control reduces the number of unintended teen pregnancies and abortions because birth

control can prevent teen pregnancies, all teen girls that are sexually active and

unprotected should have birth control, teens should not need a prescription for birth


Argument 1 :

Birth control can prevent teen pregnancies. Using birth control can help decrease not only teen

pregnancies, but also abortions as well. According to Dr Daniel,”There 's mounting evidence that

this is safe , this is effective and teens really want it (Grossman). It can be seen that birth control

does work and is wanted by women who do not intend on getting pregnant. In conclusion,

women mainly teens, would get birth contr...

... middle of paper ...

... various ways.

This view seems convincing at first but if the teens aren 't using a type of contraception

the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions will increase.

Conclusion :

Access to birth control reduces the number of unintended teen pregnancies and

abortions because birth control can prevent teen pregnancies. All teen girls that are

having unprotected sex should be able to have birth control. Teens should not need a

prescription for birth control. In the past no as many teens use birth control, for that

reason many unwanted children were born or even killed due to unintended

pregnancies. Today a various number of teens are using birth control to prevent them

from unintended pregnancies and also abortions. In the future there will be less

unwanted pregnancies and abortions, therefore teens will find birth control useful and

continue to use it.

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