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We still need to learn more about Henrique, the brother-in-law of Leôncio. He was an elegant and handsome young man of twenty years, frivolous, impulsive, and vain, as often are all youths, especially when they had the good fortune to have been born to a rich father. Despite those deficiencies, he had a good heart and a generous soul. He was a medical student, and since he was on vacation, Leôncio invited him to come visit his sister and spend a few days at the estate.
The two young gentlemen arrived from Campos, where the previous evening Leôncio had gone to meet his brother-in-law.
Only after Leôncio married, since before that he rarely stayed at the family home, he began to notice the extreme beauty and exceptional charms of Isaura. While luck had given him an attractive and accomplished wife, he had not married for love, that feeling to his heart, until then, felt absolutely foreign. He married for money, and because his wife was young and pretty, he just felt passion for her, which thrives in the enjoyment of sensual pleasures, and then extinguishes. It was reserved to the unfortunate Isaura to vibrate deeply and violently in his heart the fibers that were not yet all spoilt by the friction of debauchery. He conceived for her the most uncontrollable and blind love, which day by day grew in face of the enormous obstacles, obstacles that he was not accustomed to encounter, and that he struggled in vain to overcome. However, he did not give up his corrupt intentions, because at the end of the day, 'he thought,' Isaura was his property, and when no other method was effective, it left the employment of violence. Leôncio was a worthy heir to every bad habit and brutal debauchery of the comendador.
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...d, he met the eyes of Isaura, that since Leôncio appeared, trembling and breathless, pressed herself into a corner of the room; from there she witnessed with silent anxiety the argument between the two young men, as a doe badly injured listening to the roar of two tigers, who disputed between themselves the right to devour her. For her part, also regretted from the depths of her soul, and rebuked herself the indiscreet and careless revelation, which in a moment of impatience she let escape her lips. Her imprudence would cause the most dreadful discord in the heart of that family, discord, that by the end of the day she would be the main victim. The quarrel between the two young men was like the collision of two clouds that bump and continue to hover calmly in the sky, but the ray discharged from their mist would accurately hit the forehead of the unfortunate captive.

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