The Bird Cage By Starring Nathan Lane And Robbin Williams Essay

The Bird Cage By Starring Nathan Lane And Robbin Williams Essay

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The Bird Cage, Starring Nathan Lane and Robbin Williams is a film that investigates social orders perspectives of gay people through the medium of diversion. By making absurdly stereotyped homosexual men, the director, Mike Nichols makes a mindfulness in his viewers of the inclinations and generalizations that they hold. The two homosexual male leads, Albert and Armand are proprietors of a club in South Beach Florida. Armand, who is played by actor Robin Williams is in a long-term relationship with Albert, who is played by Nathan Lane. Armand has an adult son, Val, from a past marriage with a woman. Inconvenience begins when Val declares his engagement to a young lady named Barbara that he met at school. For reasons unknown Barbara 's dad is an ultraconservative United States Senator who wants to meet his future son in-law alongside his family. After much verbal confrontation it is chosen that both Armand and Albert relationship will appear incorporated to Barbara 's parents and a plan is formed to make it seem like Val is from a normal heterosexual family. To maintain a strategic distance from making a terrible impression Val 's biological mother is asked to come and pretend she is still happily married to Armand. This outrages Albert, who chooses to dress as a lady to fill the role of Val 's mother. At last all the truth is discovered in the end and the traditionalist couple are compelled to acknowledge and accept that their daughter will be wedding into an alternative family.
Every form of sexual orientation and way of life is investigated in this film, and represented through each character. Albert plays the enthusiastic, frail, erratic gay male. Armand on the other hand, fills the role of a more held, consistent, masculine g...

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...sness of ascribing qualities to an individual construct singularly in light of his or her sexual introduction. While gay people are seen as oversexed and horny, heterosexuals are seen as having no sexual inclinations. Woman are described as being enthusiastic ditzes, and men as the voice of reason. The way that society sustains such a large number of generalizations about gay people is the thing that makes this film so amusing. Who can assist however with giggling at a gay guys moving cabaret style as ladies? This film shows people living option ways of life, and being content and balanced at the same time. This is another idea to numerous viewers, who can chuckle about their obliviousness while seeing that occasionally diverse is out and out fun. Teaching its group of onlookers through the investigation of sexual parts, and the generalizations that we hold of them.

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