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Bipolar Type I & II Essay

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“In the earliest days of documentation, these people were viewed as 'crazy,” possessed by the devil or demons,” Dr. Gardenswartz says in Bipolar Magazine (Stephens, 2014). Bipolar disorder or manic-depressive disorder, consists of mood swings that range from the lows of depression to the highs of mania. Depending on the rapidness of the mood swings, the disorder can be classified as mixed or rapid. Mixed episodes last less than usual, while rapid cycling consists of four or more mood disordered episodes per year (“Bipolar Disorder,” 2012). The term “bipolar” logically emphasizes “the two poles, “usually experience both depressed and elevated moods in a cyclical manner, according to Robert L. Spitzer, MD, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University (Stephens, 2014). Scientists have agreed that there is not just a single cause, but rather many, such as genetics, biological traits, brain-chemical imbalance, hormonal problems and the environment. Continuous treatment is needed to control the symptoms of bipolar disorder, but even with the proper treatment moods swings still occur. (“What is Bipolar Disorder,” 2014). Signs and symptoms vary according to the type of bipolar disorder and may appear at any time during a person's life, bu the disorder usually occurs around the person's teen years or young adulthood (Nordqvist, 2013). Bipolar disorder cannot be cured, however, it can be treated over the long-term with medications and mood stabilizers (“What is Bipolar Disorder,” 2014). People with bipolar disorder hel keep their moods in check by following a treatment plan (“Bipolar Disorder,” 2012). Effective maintenance treatment plans includes a combination of medications and psychotherapy (counseling). Treatment helps many...

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...his long-term disorder.

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