Essay about Bipolar Is A Mental Health Disorder

Essay about Bipolar Is A Mental Health Disorder

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“Bipolar disorder is marked by shifts in mood, energy, and ability to function (Elsevier 2014).” There are three different types of bipolar: bipolar 1 disorder, bipolar 2 disorder, and cyclothymic disorder. While all can be hard to manage bipolar 1 is considered the worst of the three, so this is the one that I will be focusing on. Bipolar is a mental health disorder and therefor can be hard for many to understand, I will break down each area into sections including: pathophysiology, diagnostic procedures, and advanced practice interventions as well as many other areas that are a part of this complex disorder.

The exact cause of bipolar disorder is unknown but there are several possibilities including a genetic link, environmental factors, and psychological factors. It is thought that someone could have the disorder lying dormant and have a life-stressor and bring the disorder out. Heredity is the biggest link in developing bipolar and is estimated to be between 80-90% chances of developing in those with a genetic link. There are also studies that correlate weather to patient episodes of mania and depression.

The estimated percentage of people that will have bipolar by the age of 75 is 5.1% of the world’s population. Onset of bipolar is 18-20 years of age, and often will begin with a depressive episode. Bipolar 1 is more common in males than females. Bipolar disorder crosses cultures as well, and is found in patients from all walks of life. It is thought that bipolar disorder is often underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed especially in younger adolescents who than do not get re-diagnosed at a proper age.

Signs and Symptoms
Symptoms vary between patients the classic ones are mania and depression. Mania is like...

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...find unmanageable. Electroconvulsive therapy is also often used in cases of severe depressive episodes or when a patient is acutely suicidal, it more or less shocks the brain out of the emotions and some patients and their family members claim it is a miracle worker.
Bipolar disorder is a vast and complicated mental health illness, many people suffer from this disorder and are able to function normally day to day but there are also the vast number of people that are unable to receive treatment and often commit suicide. Bipolar disorder shows no barriers, it is present in both males and females and cross culturally as well. As you proceed with this information it is important to remember these facts and help these patients receive adequate treatment. Always remember this is a diagnoses not a person, and these people need help to overcome their diagnoses.

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