Bipolar Disorder : The Most Heart Rending Mood Disorders Essay

Bipolar Disorder : The Most Heart Rending Mood Disorders Essay

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Bipolar disorder is one of the most heart-rending mood disorders. It essentially taunts with the affected person 's mind. Bipolar disorder is a mental condition in which the person alternates between feelings of mania (extremely happy or irritable) and depression. This disorder is often referred to as manic depressive disorder. Emotions are always intense and unpredictable. These feelings are drastically opposite, and produce endless mental and physical stress on the person affected. These shifts in moods can occur as much as one or two times a year to several times a week. This unfavorable disorder affects one to two percent of the adult population.
Bipolar disorder begins occurring between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five. There is no known cause of bipolar disorder. It is shown in many cases that relatives of people with bipolar disorder also develop it. Bipolar disorder can also occur in people suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder. Addiction and physical health problems can also play a role. In most cases’, there is no single cause for the episodes that occur, but many factors that work together. Some triggers are: prescribed medication, illegal drug use, and insomnia. Environmental factors can trigger bipolar disorder as well. One example would be growing up in a home with a parent who lacks control of their disorder.
There are several different types of bipolar disorders. Symptoms of these disorders are different with each person affected. Diagnosis of bipolar disorder is based on which specific type someone has. Bipolar I disorder is when you have one manic episode that is followed by a depressive episode. In a bipolar II disorder you have a de...

... middle of paper ... present any additional information. Doctors will ask a sequence of questions, starting from your childhood, to get a better idea of when a bipolar disorder started presenting itself and if any life factors formed the start of it.
Exams and tests will also be given to help determine if any other medical problems are in play and to rule them out. A physical exam and lab tests are first ordered to detect any other medical problems that can also produce bipolar symptoms. A psychological assessment is then given. This is where questions about your thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns are asked. A survey is also given to receive additional information. In addition, a daily record of your moods in mood charting can be asked to be kept along with your sleep pattern. A comparison will then be made or your symptoms alongside those symptoms of the bipolar disorder.

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