Essay about Bipolar Disorder : The Common Name For Borderline Personality Disorder

Essay about Bipolar Disorder : The Common Name For Borderline Personality Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder, an illness in the brain where it controls someone or something to have mood swings, depression, and thoughts on others and other things. Bipolar Disorder is the common name for Borderline Personality Disorder, it can be distressing, not only for the person with the disorder, but for the people around them. Persons with Bipolar Disorder have a difficult time controlling their emotions and many times are in a state of upheaval. Childhood experiences or a brain dysfunction are potential reasons why. Bipolar Disorder can be changed or helped by medication, therapy, and counseling. Bipolar is not an illness that can stand alone it is changed by other variables. Bipolar Disorder, is something not to be mess with. In (MANNING, JS. Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar Depression, and Comorbid Illness. Journal of Family Practice. June 2, 2015) article we read about how he tells that Bipolar Disorder or BPD is not just about affect and moods. He starts off telling us that differentiate Bipolar Disorder from major depression or other comorbid psychiatric conditions by identifying mania or hypomania in a patient’s medical history. He shows the percent of parents with this disorder about 60% has this illness it is from under stress from others mainly. Parents with more illnesses and with Bipolar is up to 82%. In 2010, study has showed that parents with other illnesses and Bipolar Disorder has increased with about 20%. Within the article it tells us about how our childhood could do different things to the mind when we hit in with adulthood. (Manning) states that when in childhood our mind has different set on life. We go through stages and it may change our moods to swing resulting in Bipolar Disorder. Little things he addresses; he talk...

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...personalities that the client might have. Then if the client chooses to integrate the two or more personalities then that is the next step which could lead to less relapse in stress in the future. BPD is similar in the way that counseling and therapy are ways that can help control the disorder. A difference that BPD has is that medication can be taken to help cope with BPD. Both of these disorders can be helped or managed with different methods and the methods might take longer periods of time to begin to work but there is methods and the methods are similar in ways and different. The therapy could be sent and received by the patient differently depending on the disorder, but at the end of the day you can find similarities between the two. At the end of the day both disorders have similarities in ways of coping with the problem, but also they have their differences.

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