Bipolar Disorder Is A Form Of Mood Disorder Essay

Bipolar Disorder Is A Form Of Mood Disorder Essay

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a form of mood disorder. It is a chronic illness which means it is long-term. In this long-term disorder a person will go through two major mood patterns. They will feel “manic” and they will feel “depressed.” It is normal for people to feel the ups and downs of life. It 's perfectly normal for someone to have a great day where they feel accomplished and like nothing can stop them, and then to have an off day where they may want to lay around in bed without getting up. The difference between the norm and someone who deals with Bipolar disorder is the extreme they feel with those two feelings. These are two feelings a person with this disorder has absolutely no control over. The extremes can be life-changing and sometimes dangerous. Bipolar disorder used to be called manic depressive disorder, hence the two emotions. Bipolar disorder is also considered a brain disorder. In Hockenbury & Hockenbury, our Psychology text, Bipolar is sub-titled by “An Emotional Roller Coaster.” The text states that “Bipolar disorder almost always involves abnormal moods at both ends of the emotional spectrum.”
Doctors have yet to come up with exactly how someone becomes bipolar. There are no specific causes. They have recently gained a better understanding within the last 10 years of the two mood extremes however. Though someone 's stressors and lifestyle issues may effect the disorder 's severity, they aren 't the actual cause. Experts have linked the disorder with being genetic. It can run in a family. It is also known that serotonin is a chemical withing the human brain. It is believed that serotonin moves via circuits throughout the brain sending chemical messages that are responsible for organizing several bo...

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...ell as help them achieve them.
As earlier stated there is no actual cure for Bipolar. There are treatments and coping methods as well as the strategies listed previously, but no actual cure yet. Someone can be diagnosed with Bipolar and still live a decent and happy life. As with any disease or disorder, there will be many times of struggle. Bipolar is an incredibly rough bumpy road. When a patient takes the time to learn to manage their feelings and emotions, they have a better chance at a more “normal” life. Working on toning down the moods they have while feeling manic, and trying to be more positive while feeling depressed will have positive effects. By staying as positive as one possibly can and being consistent with motivation in moving forward in setting goals gives someone diagnosed with Bipolar just as fair a shot at a happy meaningful life as anyone else.

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