Essay on Bipolar Disorder And Related Disorders

Essay on Bipolar Disorder And Related Disorders

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Bipolar Disorder and related disorders are described as disorders that involve the presence of mania as well as depressive symptoms (Wicks-Nelson, 2014). For many these symptoms are first recognized in adolescence. In reading the text, “Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology”, (Wicks-Nelson, 2014) and reviewing the articles entitled, “AACAP 2006 Research Forum-Advancing Research in Early Onset Bipolar Disorder: Barriers and Suggestions.”, (Carlson et al., 2009) and “Definitional Issues in Bipolar Disorder Across the Life Cycle.”, (Youngstrom, 2009), one is struck by the difficulty that exists in specifically identifying symptoms of the disorder to determine a definitive diagnosis. Also, by how multiple symptoms pose challenges in diagnosing and treating the disorder. And finally, by the enormous need for more research and multiple research strategies to further examine the disorder.
The reason for an accurate diagnosis being difficult to ascertain is that other disorders often co-occur. Additionally, many of the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder mirror those of other disorders. This co-morbidity creates many variables that need to be sifted through and closely examined to find an appropriate diagnosis. In dealing with clients, most especially adolescent clients, it seems this process carries an enormous responsibility on the part of clinicians. So much discussion and debate surrounds the topic of diagnosing this disorder in young people, it is no wonder that people are often misdiagnosed. Many symptoms of bipolar disorder do manifest in childhood and adolescence yet they are difficult to distinguish from the symptoms of other disorders.
The disorder is especially difficult to distinguish from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

... middle of paper ... be familial (Carlson et al., 2009) Genetic developments will hopefully continue to improve treatment and perhaps lead to a cure. The possibilities of neuroimaging in treatment was fascinating and it was suggested that further research explore its future use. “The effects of interventions on the brain can be evaluated using several neuroimaging approaches(Carlson et al., 2009) These approaches go on to be described as: comparing those using medication to those not, utilizing the technology to assess treatment response and also to conduct longitudinal studies on children. (Carlson et al., 2009).
The complexities of Bipolar Disorder are overwhelming. Hopefully researchers will be able to obtain more opportunities to conduct more extensive research. The need for clinicians to carefully consider a diagnosis is extremely important in treating children and adolescents.

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