Bipolar Disorder : A Medical Condition That Affects The Brain Essay

Bipolar Disorder : A Medical Condition That Affects The Brain Essay

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Bipolar Disorder Overview

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that affects the brain, making it a mental illness. It is also referred to as manic depression illness, which explains why individuals with bipolar disorder are said to experience manic episodes. Such manic episodes cause strange changes in mood and vitality and affect the ability of individuals to carry out their activities of daily living (ADLs). Symptoms of this disorder can result in a high level of disruption in the way individuals interact with other people, deteriorating their productivity in school or work, sometimes even extending to extreme cases that can lead to suicide. The ICD 10 for international coding of disease for bipolar coding is F31.9 (Godwin, 2010).
The etiology of bipolar disorder is idiopathic, though it is believed that the genetic composition and environmental components play a significant role as causal factors of this mental illness. Environmental components can contribute to this disorder especially if an individual has a history of childhood mistreatment, which can cause long-term stress from strongly negative or painful early childhood experiences. Congenital causal factors that are inherited through genetic markers can also affect or exacerbate the disorder, exposing future generations to a higher risk of acquiring bipolar disorder as a result of gene mutations (Strakowki, 2014).
Patients with bipolar disorder are susceptible to encountering a range of distinct mood variations including mania, mixed episodes, hypomania, and even depression. Hypomania is a severe form of mania characterized by periods of euphoric emotions and relentless strength. Symptoms vary from one individual to another such that some people suffering from a bout ...

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...nifestation of extreme bipolar disorder for individuals who seem to present such signs and symptoms. Research has also generated various ways to assist affected people living in remote areas, largely built on the ideas of telemedicine to enhance a zero-tolerance approach to the expansion of bipolar disorder in modern society (Peacock, 2000).
Ultimately, bipolar disorder is like any other condition in that it should be managed with care so as to avoid eruption to its more severe stages. Since the disorder has no particular cause, friends and family of people experiencing this disorder should be accommodating and embrace affected individuals to help to monitor the symptoms. In such a caring environment, it is much more likely that affected individuals taking the prescriptions as advised by their doctors can successfully manage and treat this condition (Plunkett, 2011).

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