Essay Biotechnology Of Food And Food Components

Essay Biotechnology Of Food And Food Components

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Biotechnology in food and food components currently is significantly relevant to global society and scientific aspects.
Biotechnology emerged around the 60 's and since its inception, its main objective is the positive alteration of genetic and create the desired characteristics or in other words a harmless alteration and benefit the consumer. The main mostly modified microorganisms come from plants and animals. This technology seeks to combat world hunger, make healthier crops that use less fertilizer and can be grown on a large scale. However, these ideals began to change as time passed, since theirs main producers worldwide, such as: Monsanto, DuPont, among others, began to seek only economic benefit regardless of their crops had any negative effect on health. Some countries have expressed dissatisfaction with these crops and began to prohibit any food from any genetic modification.
The genetically modified foods are those that were produced from a genetically modified organism by genetic engineering. Nowadays, there is a greater presence of food from transgenic plants such as corn or soybeans or even some animals like cows and pigs.
Biotechnology is the science of manipulating DNA sequences directly, resulting in the modification or elimination of these genes. These transgenic foods are divided into two groups: resistant to the herbicide glyphosate in where it is found amounts of one of the most powerful pesticides on the market and Tolerant insects which it is an insecticides developed by genetic characteristics (Que son los transgenicos y como se hacen, 2010).
. The main companies that produce this GM foods are: Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta; they represent over the 40% of production worldwide; in spite of, represent a grea...

... middle of paper ...

...that have been analyzing different foods and products different brands to declare whether compliant labeling and health. These companies regularly produce a list of foods that have been genetically modified and spread this information so that people avoid buying these foods and buy organic products.
Nevertheless, according to (Chow, L. 2015) although GMOs are widely grown in many parts of the world, the topic is fraught with contention in Europe. Many of EU countries have strict laws against GMOs out of public health and environmental concerns, and all 28 nations require GMO labeling; some of the countries are: Austria, Belgium for the Wallonia region, Britain for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia (Chow, L. 2015).

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