Biotech Industry and Monsanto Essay

Biotech Industry and Monsanto Essay

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Monsanto is the leader in the biotech industry with locations spanning around the globe. Monsanto came from small beginnings in 1901 as a chemical company when it first was founded, to rapidly expanding and producing chemicals and chemical based products that have become a household name. Monsanto has managed to grab the market share of genetically modified seeds and their most profitable weed killer RoundUp in the past 30 years. This paper will examine the effect of Monsanto’s market influence from an economic standpoint, compare and contrast the competitors, as well as examine the global effect of Monsanto’s control of the market in specialized fields with their exclusive genetically modified products.

John Francis Queeny first founded Monsanto Company, which he named after his wife Olga Mendez Monsanto, in 1901. Monsanto started out as a chemical company with their first product being saccharine, or more commonly known as Sweet’N Low. Monsanto is also well known for a variety of other products that are chemically based, including Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, RoundUp, Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), and Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane (DDT).
PCB’s were used widely in the industrial settings; they acted as a liquid insulator that was structurally solid. However in 1977 the government banned domestic production of PCB’s as they were highly carcinogenic, toxic and corrosive upon contact with skin, or any form of life.
Monsanto is the global leader in the bio-tech industry, producing and selling RoundUp and GMO seeds that are designed to resist the chemicals in RoundUp. Among other products that Monsanto offers are pesticides, genetically engineered crops such as soy, cotton, sugar, and canola. Up until recentl...

... middle of paper ... must be great strides made to stay innovative to keep the barriers of entry and substitutes at a minimum for optimal future growth. Monsanto has faced a rapidly changing market in the last few years that if left untreated; their shares of the market demand will significantly fall. It is Monsanto’s effort, while their gross margins remain significant to continue to capture the market while producing at a highly competitive cost, keeping long run profits maximized. Staying innovative, Monsanto has come to understand that the agriculture inputs business, which also encompass end-use customers and channels are starting to change what is acceptable for business practices. By becoming less and less inclined to accept the costs associated with outdated practices, especially inadequate supply chain practices on Monsanto’s behalf new methods of approach must be made to

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