The Biopsychosocial Model Of Psychological Appraisal And Treatment For Mental Illness

The Biopsychosocial Model Of Psychological Appraisal And Treatment For Mental Illness

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Mental illness dates back to 5000 BCE, it was believed back then that mental illness was the result of “supernatural phenomena such as spiritual or demonic possession, sorcery, the evil eye, or an angry deity and were treated with mystical treatments such as exorcisms, prayers, charms, amulet and brutal treatments” (Atkinson, R.L. et al.1996)
Hebrews believed that the illnesses were God’s punishment for committing sins (Atkinson, R.L. et al. 1996). Egyptians were the most advanced and believed the illness was affected with “mental pathology” (Atkinson, R.L. et al. 1996).

The biopsychosocial model used in psychological appraisal and treatment for mental illness views mental illness as a product of combination of factors including biological characteristics such as “genetics”, psychological factors such as “health beliefs, stress, lifestyles” and social factors such as “cultural influences, family relationships and social support” (Engle, 1977). The biopsychosocial models helps “people reduce their risk of developing major medical problems, receive effective treatment, reduce health care cost and are able to seek multiple services including behavioural health services” (Engle, 1977).
“The holistic treatment model is made up of five dimensions, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological and social” (Chapman, Gratz and Hoffman, 2007). Medical treatment plan can only be effective if a team of experienced, expert and culturally competent and qualified clinicians, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists all work together to create a treatment plan for the patient with the patients input and have alternative treatment in place such as spirituality and yoga, with family and friends involvement to provide love and...

... middle of paper ..., compassionate, affection, empathy, sympathy and to acknowledge that mental illness exists. As a Psychologist I will bring to the field a wide range of skills such as being very open-minded, diverse, and culturally competent, accept and respect all religious beliefs, non-bias, non-judgmental and able to speak five different languages. I have chosen Mental Health Psychology because I want to make a positive difference and impact on the lives of the children and youth I work with. I support the biopsychosocial model and holistic approach when treating an individual with mental illness. Individuals should be treated as a ‘whole person and not pieces of the puzzle’ if we want to help them get better or be in control of their lives. The treatment becomes effective when addressing the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of the client are addressed.

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