Essay on Biopiracy and Bioprospecting: Managing in a Global Economy

Essay on Biopiracy and Bioprospecting: Managing in a Global Economy

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Biopiracy and Bioprospecting


Managing in a Global Economy

MSOM 305 Summer 2010

Special Presentation Paper

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1. intro (stephan done; someone please proofread and initial)

One of the hot topics currently worldwide besides the oil spill and the war in the Middle East are dealing with biopiracy and bioprospecting. Currently there are drastic measures being taken worldwide in various countries that are attempting to protect the indigenous knowledge of that country in the battle. International companies or even private entrepreneurs trying to gain a share of the natural resources found in foreign countries and market them for either financial gain or other causes. With the worldwide process of human globalization and the fusion of small companies into bigger ones. The amount research that is being spend on finding new medicines and new ways of improving daily life are highly sought after. This all boils down to protecting the knowledge of the elders that has been passed on from generation to generation and was often kept "secret" from western society and its companies. There are many different views about the legality and ethics that are being brought to daylight with some of these cases and the way certain companies are acting. In this paper we will try to give an overview and provide some case examples and give further inside into the world of Biopiracy and Bioprospecting.

1. bioprospecting vs biopiracy (seb- DONE,proofraad by stephan: sounds good)
1. Bioprospecting and Biopiracy both entail the extraction of biodiverse material or techniques unique to an indigenous area that have been patented and produced to mainstr...

... middle of paper ...

...wn to a moral issue as well as monetary problem. When a company is engaging in bioprospecting any profits or a even a part of the profits should be shared with the native country. By taking a natural resource and marketing it internationally without any compensation of even acknowledgement of its origin many companies would be committing plagiarism in college terms. However since this is way beyond any college campus it is simply theft and completely unacceptable in today's society. With the amount of international laws in place and the world growing together, any company engaged in bioprospecting needs to be able to respect the rights of the natives and share at least some of the profits if not even all of the profits with the native country to benefit them in some way.

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