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Biophysical Evaluation Lab Essay

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Table #1: Hip Flexibility
Measurement Tool Right Leg Left Leg
Goniometer 92ᄚ 84ᄚ
Flexometer 94ᄚ 78ᄚ

Table #2: Sit and Reach
Best Trial Classification
30.5 cm Average


Comparing my results to the average results provided on table #2 on page 2.8 of the biophysical evolution lab manual, my best value for the sit and reach is 31.5cm which is considered average for a male aged 15 to 19 years old. It is in the middle of the average range, therefore my forward flexion is good but not the best for my age group. My average best hip flexion value is 86ᄚ (94ᄚ on left leg and 78ᄚ on right) and compared to the average, it is above by a lot, therefore my hip flexion is excellent on average but my right leg was slightly under average and left a lot above the average values listed on page 2.7 of the lab manual. The flexometer and sit-and-reach are both excellent tools to measure hip flexion but the flexometer gives a better reflection of the range of motion for the hip joint because it provides easy and accurate measurements of the angle of range of motion in which a constant of gravity is used (tool works with gravity and gravity remains constant). For the sit-and-reach test, people may vary in results due to shorter or longer body segments, therefore harder to compare their flexibility to the average. In my case, I have longer legs which may cause a disadvantage as I am further away from the tool and have to reach longer. Someone else could have shorter legs and longer arms and may reach further than me yet still have the same hip flexibility. The goniometer is not a very reliable tool to use as...

... middle of paper ... kettle ball rows, inclined bench pulls, and inverted rows. Once I have strengthened my back, the endurance ratios will be balanced out and then I can maintain it by doing a balanced workout. My VO2 Max is ranked average and I can maintain that by continuing to eat healthy and living the active lifestyle. To conclude, I am very happy with my fitness level, and look forward to improving it as much as I can by maintaining a healthy diet and active daily lifestyle.

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