The Biomedical Model Of Health Essay

The Biomedical Model Of Health Essay

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The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health in its broader sense in its 1948 constitution as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (Who,1946).
The Biomedical model of health focuses on the physical or biological aspects of disease and illness. It is a medical model of care practised by doctors and/or health professional and is associated with the diagnosis, cure and treatment of disease. The Biomedical model of health has been evolving for many years leading to improvements in medical science, technology, increase in cures and treatments ie: increase in vaccinations /immunizations emphasis on diagnosis and treating individuals separately from their lifestyle/living conditions. this model of health concentrates on the disease, illness, or disability and attempts to (cure) return the physical health of the person to a pre-illness state. The reasons for the illness are not at the centre of the biomedical model. The bio-medical model also receives the majority of government healthcare funding (over 90%). Further more the biomedical model of Health has been Dominant for many years and played a large role in prolonging life expectancy, Bio- living or living organisms and also played a role in Medical science of diagnosing-curing disease. In the biomedical approach Dr’s and hospitals are the real focus of medicine or health. The expectation being that the Dr will be able to fix the condition and the patient will take on a passive role. The 2 aspects of the biomedical approach are: Diagnosis: identification of the disease or illness through Dr’s observations of symptoms or through diagnostic tests e.g. X rays, Scans, blood tests and Intervention: action t...

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... it difficult to measure its effectiveness.
In conclusion both the bio-medical and social model have approaches in which can be effective to the healthcare system. The bio-medical model creates advances in technology and research,Without this model of health there would be little known about how to treat and diagnose illnesses. The Social Model focuses on educating people, and encourage individuals to take responsibility to lead healthier lifestyles to improve quality of life.
Yet they both also have limitations for example the bio-medical approach doesn’t promote good health and has a narrow view of health and doesn’t encourage people to live healthy lives as they are treated to fix problems as they arise. Equally The results of the social model of health are not evident until after a long period of time which also make it difficult to measure its effectiveness.

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