Essay on Biomedical Model And Social Model Of Health

Essay on Biomedical Model And Social Model Of Health

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Essay question 1: Critically discuss the biomedical model and social model of health and how they relate to lay perspectives on health and illness.

Introduction: For this essay I am going to critically discuss the biomedical model as well as the social model of health and how they both relate to the lay perspectives on health and illness.

In 1948 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. (World Health Organization. 1946). Illness is what
Critically discuss the biomedical model and social model of health
What is biomedical model of health?
Biomedical model of health mainly looks at ill health which is caused only by the biological factors which also includes the life style choices such as; smoking, unhealthy diets, excluding the psychological and social factors to understand an individual’s medical illness or disorder.
“Arguably this model is based upon a number of assumptions: first, that the mind and the body can be treated separately, an idea sometimes termed mind-body dualism; and second, that the body can be repaired in much the same way as a machine can be fixed. As a result medicines adopt a mechanical metaphor, presuming that doctors can act like engineers to mend the dysfunctioning body”. (Nettleton and Gustafsson, 2002), therefore when it comes to a sick patient their bodies are seen as something which can be handled, explored as well as treated separately from their mind and further external considerations, and once it comes to treating these patients treatments and solutions will therefore be from the medical specialists who have the appropriate knowledge, and must take place in an...

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...ncome differences remain great, as in this country, health inequalities will persist. For example: Children in the lowest social class are five times more likely to die from an accident than those in the top social class, Infant mortality rates are highest among the lowest social groups.
Social class is linked to health in that people of a higher social class have better access to better educational qualifications which in general means increased wealth, they live in better housing conditions, eat a healthier diet from an earlier age, and can afford to move if circumstances change rapidly (which could be because of natural disasters etc.).They can rebuild their lives quicker. Poorer social classes have to struggle to eat healthily and face peer pressures from an early age to try not to conform to a high fat unhealthy lifestyle with poor housing and poor education.

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