Biology: Mutations and Transformation Essay

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Jacob Knight
Part One – Observation: What made me interested in this field of biology?
Mutations are fascinating beyond belief as they are the keystones in the transformations of life. It is these slight changes that have caused the genetic diversity we see in today’s world. At the beginning of the semester I read a review of the book “Life at the Speed of Light” by Craig Venter. The review referred to a part in the book where Venter discussed the importance of genomic mutations and their role in the efficacy of life. This sparked my question of what kinds of mutations there are as well as how they are passed on without being destroyed.
Part Two – My Question
Are there different kinds of mutations and if so what factors create them and allow them to survive and make it possible for mutations to happen in places that can produce a viable zygote?
Part Three – Hypothesize
To start there must be at least a few kinds of different mutations. I know that mutations are changes in the genomic exons so. More so there must be different kinds of mutations in both their length and function. Different types could include single base mutations, codon mutations, multiple codon mutations and entire gene mutations. I believe that it could be possible for an entire gene to be mutated if there were both deletions and base mutations.
However the factors that allow them to survive is quite difficult to predict. While it is the nature of mutations that allows them to survive it poses the question of why are they surviving? I think bet that there could be mechanisms to check for suck parameter that ensure that each gamete that is passed on could survive. If not I wonder if these mutations result in unviable zygote, and at what time are the...

... middle of paper ... their appearance?
o Schizophrenia can be heavily influenced by genetic factors
o Twin studies showed that one twins have almost one in two chances that the twin will have schizophrenia.
o Genes however do not predicate the appearance of schizophrenia
o Glutamate receptor gene plays a role in responding and delaying important neurotransmitters. The production of this protein that is embedded in the membrane that controls a lot of cell transmission and neural connections that seems to play a role in schizophrenia
Part 7 Refine Your Question
How can we advance the human race using artificial mutations?
Can mutations be used to help humans produce naturally occurring proteins that can help the body fight disease?
What percentages of mutation survive through fetal development?
Is there a possibility for the creation of a completely new gene code that could work?

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