Biological Theory Of Crime Causation Essay

Biological Theory Of Crime Causation Essay

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To begin with, Biological theory is a conflict theory of crime causation. A biological theory is physical traits that leads an individual to commit a crime. Biological School is an important perspective in the biological theory. It suggests that criminal behavior is passed from generation to generation and that is results from biological tendencies. Physical traits can be a result of the nervous system. The nervous system allows a person to recognize actions that will cause a themselves harm and helps their brain function. Franz Joseph Gall came up with the idea of phrenology. Phrenology is the study of a person’s head that will affect their actions. An individual’s personality can be a result of how their facial expressions look. Every human head consists of a brain which is the organ of the mind. The study of a skull can reveal a person’s personality. Phrenology is basically a predicting behavior. Cesare Lombroso came up with the idea of atavism. Atavism is traits that are from early stages of human evolution. It is a recurrence to the past. Lombroso was also the founder of the Positivist School. The Positivist School studies crime and criminals. Evolution and criminology is linked to atavism and the Positivist School.
As well as the Biological and Positivist school, criminal families are another component under the biological theory. Criminal families were first studied by Richard Dugdale. He used the family tree to analyze a family. People who have low moral standards are produced by bad genetic material. One or both of their parents could have had serious mental problems. Individuals with low mental capabilities are usually the ones who commit crimes. Another classification is somatotyping which is how individuals are group...

... middle of paper ... It is also known as balanced and restorative justice. Restorative Justices views crime as a serious offense. It causes harm to the community, and relationships. The government’s job is to make sure that everyone is safe. The two important elements are accountability and community safety. Families want to live in an environment that is safe for them and their children. Accountability is making showing justice is served to both the victim and the perpetrator. The victims should be reimbursed for stolen items, and medical expenses. Through crime prevention, the government tries to reduce the crime rate. Offenders are told to take action for their crime and to say they are guilty. The responsibility of the government is to maintain order and make sure that justice is served. Restorative justice wants the community to be peaceful so that the crime rates are low.

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