Biological Techniques: Optogenetics Essay example

Biological Techniques: Optogenetics Essay example

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Optogenetics is a relatively new area of technology, first being described in 2005 [1, 2]. This technology has quickly advanced since it was first mentioned and continues to advance at a rapid pace [1]. Despite being a new technology, it is seen as having opened up new areas of biology to investigation [2].
Optogenetics combines different technological aspects from the areas of optics, genetics and bioengineering to allow for all new ways to investigate intact neural circuits [3]. Through optics, this technology allows for the study of certain neurons in an area without compromising neurons surround them and does so “at high temporal and spatial resolution” [1]. With no disturbances in the neurons surrounding the ones being studies, the biological system as a whole does not cease to exist. The combination of light to control and imaging of targets selected by genetic technologies allows for no disturbances to surrounding cells and tissues [2, 3]. By directing light at the targeted cells, which are light sensitive, researchers can induce changes in the cells’ membrane all while to ce...

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