Biological Rhythm of Sleeping and Narcolepsy Essay

Biological Rhythm of Sleeping and Narcolepsy Essay

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Throughout the day, our bodies fluctuate and our brains follow. Our bodies have learned to work along with the twenty-four hour cycle of the day through the use of an internal clock called the circadian rhythm. As consciousness fades, different parts of our brain stop communicating with one another. The sleeping brain has its own biological rhythm. Approximately ever ninety minutes, we cycle through four sleep stages, NREM 1, NREM 2, NREM 3, and REM sleep. Biology and the environment interact with our sleep patterns causing sleep deprivation and sleeping disorders.
You fall asleep during the brief NREM 1 sleep, which lasts about ten to twenty minutes. This is the time during which you may feel a jerking or falling sensation, or experience hallucination-like visions. These hallucinations may later be incorporated into your memories when you awake. During NREM 2, you relax more deeply, experiencing sleep spindles, which are bursts of rapid, rhythmic brain wave activity. At this stage, you are definitely asleep. During NREM 3, you enter a deep sleep that lasts about thirty minutes. Yo...

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