Biological, Nuclear and Radiological Attacks Essay

Biological, Nuclear and Radiological Attacks Essay

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In the year’s ahead, chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological attacks will grow higher as terrorist’s and anarchist’s weapons become more scientifically and technologically advanced. So, we need CBNR’s to answer the call and defend our country from dangerous chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiological weapon systems. Chemical engineering and chemistry is the backbone to the Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological (CBNR) Officer’s lifestyle. A CBNR Officer is a Career in the United States Army which helps defend against weapons of Mass Destruction and leads chemical platoons to deal with domestic chemical threats. In order to be a CBNR officer, one must have a chemical engineering or Biology bachelor’s degree, be an officer in the Army, and also be able to handle chemicals properly and carefully.
To be a CBNR, one must meet the minimum education requirements. Firstly, one must be enrolled in an Army ROTC in College to go to boot camp and Officer Candidate School in college. Secondly, one must complete a bachelor’s degree in either Chemistry or Biology. Also a Chemical engineering degree will also be helpful for selection before joining the military. Next, a student must take the infamous Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test before joining the military and must score a 91 or above to qualify for a Chemical corps job (Chem). If a person makes it past the ASVAB then he or she must then attend the United States Army CBRN School located in Fort Leonard, Missouri. There soldiers will learn valuable skills in Chemical and Nuclear defense and Radiological technology (CBNR School).They will also receive HAZMAT training from the department of defense during their training. Also, the CBNR’s will learn wha...

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...ect us from the worst of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological attacks. In order to be a CBNR officer, one must have a chemical engineering or Biology bachelor’s degree, be an officer in the Army, and also be able to handle chemicals properly and carefully.

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