Biological, Genetic, And Pharmacology Factors That Affect The Body And The Nervous System

Biological, Genetic, And Pharmacology Factors That Affect The Body And The Nervous System

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The four principle factors that determine how a drug user experiences their use are Biological, genetic, and pharmacology factors, cultural factors, social factors, and contextual factors. Biological, genetic, and pharmacology factors the substance abuse and addiction involve Biological and genetic factors. The pharmacology focuses on how the ingredients of a drug affect the body and the nervous system. The cultural factors os the society’s view of drugs. It is determined by custom and traditions. The social factors is the motivation of taking a particular drug. It might influence a persons experience if a person needs to diminish physical pain, relieve stress or anxiety, or trying to escape reality. Contextual factors is when specific context define and determine personal dispositions. It might influence a person experience because a person might feel more at ease doing drugs fraternity party or around drug using friends because it seems more acceptable. Hanson, Glen, Peter J. Venturelli, and Annette E. Fleckenstein. ("Dimensions of Drug Use." Drugs and Society. Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2001. 5. Print.)
Canada make cannabis and exports it to the United States. Because of their hydroponics technology, they can grow plants in larger quantities indoors. Now ecstasy production is increasing, and some is destined for the US. Colombia is a producer of coca, opium poppy, and cannabis. It is the world’s leader of coca. They supply the US with cocaine. They also supply most of their supply of heroin to the US. (Hanson, Glen, Peter J. Venturelli, and Annette E. Fleckenstein. “An Overview of Drugsin Society" Drugs and Society. Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2001. 21. Print.)
According to Erich Goode, drugs are used for legal instrumen...

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...g to be marketed under its patented name. Postmarking surveillance is important because side effects might not show up for a long time. Sometimes drugs can go from Preclinical Research and Development straight to Marketing if they use animal testing. Some advantages of the FDA approval process is if the disease is serious, like AIDS, cancers, or Alzheimers, then they get processed faster. Also, their are multiple phases drugs has to go through in order to get permission to market. Some disadvantages of the process is that people are now saying that animal testing is unethical, so the quicker process might not happen in the future. Also the FDA does not know the side effects until it is in marketing. (Hanson, Glen, Peter J. Venturelli, and Annette E. Fleckenstein. "The Road to Regulation and the FDA." Drugs and Society. Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2001. 106-07. Print.)

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