Biological And Experiential Factors That People Act And React Differently From Each Other

Biological And Experiential Factors That People Act And React Differently From Each Other

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According to Singer (1975), its perceptual model has the premise that people act and react differently from each other because each one of us chooses, analyzes and organizes stimulations such as ideas and signals from the external environment in different ways, in other words, each individual has his or her own perception of the world. Nevertheless, these perceptions can be similar if two or more individuals belong to the same group thus they share the same language, values and beliefs. In order to make its model easier to understand, Singer created a set of premises and the most relevant are showed as follow.
1. Patterns of behavior are based on individuals’ perceptions and these perceptions can be intensified and modified due to the learning process that comes with new experiences;
2. Biological and experiential factors make perceptions from two people impossible to be exactly the same;
3. If individuals have more different biological and experiential factors more different perceptions they will have, oppositely, if they have more similar background more their perceptions will be alike;
4. A number of individuals who have similar perceptions of the external environment can be defined as a perceptual group;
5. An identity group is defined as a number of people who have similar perceptions and recognize that they share this similarity;
6. The greater is the level of similar perceptions among a group of individuals, the easier is the communication process between them;
7. A model of actions, values, beliefs, behavior and perceptions that is recognized and expected by an identity group is known as culture;
8. Because communication is facilitated between individuals in the same group and more difficult between people from di...

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...n different groups in the same society and what same groups in different societies have in common.
Even though some communication process between groups inside the same society can be more intercultural than international ones, international intercultural communication is harder to maintain due to the fact that people usually have more similar perceptions to the groups in their own society than they do outside their environment. However, if individuals identify any similarity with other groups, these groups can teach their own definitions of good and bad, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong leading the individuals to a higher level of acceptance of that groups` values, behavior and beliefs (Singer, .....). In sum, the author believes that is possible to learn from each other and enhance the intercultural communication process by having more perceptions in common.

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