Biography on Robert F. Kennedy Essay

Biography on Robert F. Kennedy Essay

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Robert Francis Kennedy, commonly known as Robert F. Kennedy, was one of the most peace-loving, Catholic leaders, that America has ever produced. Robert was born on November 20, 1925, in Brookline, Massachusetts. When he was only two, his family moved to New York, where he would grow up. Robert’s childhood shaped his life religiously and economically. He came from a very wealthy family, and they were always comforted with their money. Robert’s oldest brother, Joseph Jr., went to fight in World War II; Joseph Jr. did not make it out. After Joseph died in war, Robert’s father, Joseph Sr., paid most of his attention to John Kennedy, who would later go on to become president. Both his mother and father were religious, but Robert’s mom pushed the religious aspect of life more. When he was in the eight grade, he transferred to a Catholic boarding school, called Portsmouth Priory School. He stayed their for his first two years of high-school, before he transferred to a more academic school. Portsmouth Priory School shaped his life, giving him a spiritual and religious background; it helped him became the great man that he is. After he graduated from high-school, he went to a US Navy program at Harvard. After the war he graduated from Harvard in two years, because the Navy program counted as credits. After graduation from Harvard, Robert and a few of his friends went to the Middle East. While in the Middle East, Kennedy gained a first-hand experience of the culture and life in Palestine. At this time, Britain controlled Palestine. Robert found a new respect for the Jewish people; he thought they were “hardy and tough” (Schlesinger 2002, pg 73-77). Although some of the Arabs and Jews would work together...

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... brief talks about his brother, John F. Kennedy, and very little about Robert. I am somewhat inspired by the way he lived out his life. I feel that the way in which he lived his life would be one to replicate, as it brings out the good in human beings. He is one of the most inspiring and peaceful leaders that America has ever had. I can imagine myself trying to be like Robert F. Kennedy, because his life was so pure and dedicated to helping others. If I had the chance to help others as much as he did, I would do it. The world would be nearly perfect if people lived like him. If everyone in the world thought and lived the way that Robert F. Kennedy lived, there would probably be no wars, no hate, no social inequality, and we would all get along. The world would be like Utopia by Thomas Moore and Complaint of Peace by Erasmus, except Peace would be happy with humans.

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